Alec Wintrope

A wizard who wishes to re-invent the technological world for the Magical Kind.


Template: Wizard
High Concept: Steam-punk Wizard.
Trouble: Zealot of Ending the Red Scare.
Where Did You Come from Aspect : “Pockets stuffed with daddy’s blood stained money”
– Alec’s parents were Gloria and William Wintrope, both creators of a revolutionary microchip. With their invention, they created Wintrope Technologies, a company that specialized in cutting edge technology. Competitors in the market were destroyed, consumed, and some even had ‘unfortunate’ accidents in order for Wintrope Technologies to grow. Alex might have the money his parents worked for in his pockets, but he can’t say it isn’t stained with blood.

What Shaped You Aspect: “Tub-Thumping.” (I get knocked down, but I get up again)
– At the age of twelve, Alec’s parents and he were being flown to Europe for vacation. Mid-trip, the electronics on the plane began to falter. Unsure of the cause, the pilot attempted to make a water landing after the engines failed. The last words his mother ever said to Alec was “Don’t be afraid. I’m holding you close”. Everyone died save for Alec who now realizes that it was his latent magical abilities that brought down the plane… or was it?

First Adventure Aspect: “Do you want to play a game?”
– Waking up in a strange maze, Apprentice Alec Wintrope along with six others find they are part of a Red Court Vampire’s game. With collars rigged to kill anyone who deactivates them, this group of apprentices must try to escape this demented amusement before their own magic triggers their demise.

Guest Star Aspect: -

Guest Star Aspect: -


Alec Wintrope was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With his parents being the CEOs of Wintrope Technologies, he was given anything he wanted as a child. From toys to vacations to meeting his favorite movie stars, if Alec wished it, he got it.

Even his parent’s death.

At the age of twelve, Alec was made to go on another ‘boring’ European trip with his parents. He detested this so much he even wished his parents would die and leave him alone. On the plane ride over the Atlantic, he got his wish. The plane’s electronics began to fail, first starting with the luxury items and then escalating to critical systems. Unable to keep the plane up, the pilot attempted a water landing only to crash, killing everyone but Alec.

After his rescue, his mother’s brother came to watch over the boy- a strange man who rather spent his times in the gardens or tinkering in his shop instead of watching television or driving the many cars in the garage.

This was because the man was a wizard.

His uncle saw the potential in Alec and eventually was able to convince the boy to give his powers a chance to develop. He took the boy as an apprentice, and after several years (and adventures), Alec has grown into his own man.

Unable to really take a ‘hands on’ approach to his parent’s company, he has handed it off to the Board, only coming in when they require a signature or someone to break a tie.

However, this doesn’t mean that Alec doesn’t yearn for the wonders of elevators and television and cellphones or fast cars. No, Alec is convinced that he can find a way to bridge the river that divides technology and magic.

And when he does, no other little boys will need to lie awake at night wondering if their parents blame them for their deaths.

Alec Wintrope

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