Balder Olafsson

A Knight hiding from his calling.


Template: Emissary of Power.
High Concept: Knight of Ragnarok/ Bar owner of valhalla.
Trouble: For sale Damaged goods.

Where Did You Come from Aspect : “Streets paved with gold. ”
– Henrik and Erika Olafsson always dreamed of coming to america. But dreams can become nightmares. on the verge of losing his bar and a baby on the way, Henrik prayed, not to God but to Odin. It seems that Odin was listening that day. But Remember their is always a catch.

What Shaped You Aspect: “This here is a Sword.”
- Welcome to club Kid, Lucas said as he handed me the Sword of Tyr the GUÐBRANDR (God’s Sword) on my eleventh Birthday. you should be very honored to fight and die for Odin as A Knight of Ragnarok. Now Pack your things say goodbye to your life, your training has started.

First Adventure Aspect: “Goodbye olde Friend”
– The Three Knights are doomed all because I challenged Garm to a battle, Arrogance plus recklessness gets people killed. Now Lucas is dead. Thoran the other Knight has disappeared. I’m alone and Hel’s hound Garm is scratching at the door.


Balder Olafsson the son of Henrik and Erica Olafsson. Some say he was destioned for greatness others call him a coward.

The date is march 28th, 1978 While watching his life fall apart Henrik prayed to odin for help, that wish came true. Valhalla the first norwegion bar in New York was restored to greatness, now he could give his family the things they needed expecially with the baby do any minute.

Jump ahead one month, the Family is now Three, baby Balder named after the Norse god of Beauty has just been brought home for the first time. Henrik and Erica are both happy but very tired as a strange man walks up asking for the baby. Henrik refuses and forces Erica to run away as he holds off there attacker. April 26th 1978 Henrik is Found dead his skull crushed by a blunt object.

when Balder turned eleven a strange man came to the bar to talk to his mother. He said he was a friend of Henrik’s from the old country and needed to give a present to Balder. Balder was drawn to this person, he could feel the power but also a kind soul. The present was a sword the Gudbrandr which in Norwegion means the God’s Sword. The man introduced himself as Lucas a devoted Knight of Ragnarok a follower of Odin the Norse God of Wisdom. When Balder held the sword a flush of energy raced through him, a new Knight of Ragnarok has been discoverd. convinced that if he stayed with his mother she would put into great peril, Balder leaves with Lucas to learn the skills he needs to be a great warrior.

Nine years later and Balder has become a master of the Longsword. Fear has spread to the followers of loki, That the newest Knight will rid this world of their pressence. But arrigance will get you killed. After a sparring match with Thoran the third member of the Nights, Balder is convinced by thoran that he is powerful enough to challenge Garm the hound of Hel (Hel the daughter of Loki queen of the Underworld) Rushing into the underworld Balder attacks Garm, But Garm was warned Balder is outnumberd, Lucas shows up in time to assist the young Knight. But a fatal swipe from Garm ment for Balder kills Lucas. Fury rises in Balder and Garm is slain but at a price. Where was Thoran? Balder decides to leave the Knights of Ragnarok but this job is for life.

For the past twelve years Balder has tried to ignore the call to battle, He Has been sole owner of Valhalla since his mother remarried.

Balder married Freya a valkyrie and daughter of Lucas but the guilt built up ending their marriage. They remain friends meeting every year on the day Lucas died. They still love each other.

Balder Olafsson

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