Nathaniel Turner

Sneaky Were-emu


High Concept: sneaky were-emu
Trouble: Running from Responsibility

My parents, once of the great continent of austriala, moved to america for greater oppurtunites and, I assume, to finally be rid of the stench of kangaroos. I was born about a year later in NYC, wondering what great things would happen in my future. It became obvious it would just be a hint of mediocrity. Although I wasnt skilled in much, I had a knack for being where I wasnt supposed to be. Since I considered myself to moral for burglary, and I really didnt want to go to jail, I decided repossesion might be a good way to go. I was able to sneak in to a place, grab whatever product the owner couldnt pay for, and get out with ussually no real problems.
The only real issue was about a few years ago, when I had to take back a car given to one Tyron emmanuel. Think of your stereotypical gangster, and that would be tyron to a T. He stylied himself as the next master coke dealer of the bronx but spent more time using his product than selling it. I was able to find his place, walked slowly to his driveway, and was seconds away from entering the car when I heard a shout from behind me. I turned around and there was tyron with a shotgun aimed at me.
In that spilt second, I had come to closest to death I have ever been in in my entire life. Apparently, that was the signal for the spiritual nature of my body to take over and transform me. in a few quick seconds, where before was a skinny and unimposing man, stood…. a emu. At least I learned later it was a emu. Didnt even know what one was till later.
So there I was, a 6.5 foot bird with no wings facing down a man who considered himself the gangster king of the bronx. We stared at each other for at least 2 minutes before Tyrone came to his senses. He started aiming the gun in my direction and I did the only thing that my instincts told me to do. I kicked him, hard.
Now you may not know this, but the emu has one of the strongest kicks in the animal kingdom. That combined with some nasty claws means they can take down a chain wire fence with ease. Tyron, sadly, wasnt built stronger than a fence. One second he was a man with a shot gun, the next, an emu now had a leg stuck in him. It took me several panicky minutes to get my leg out.
If I was in my right mind, I would have given myself a minute to figure out my next step. but, I had a) just killed a guy and b) turned into giant chicken. I blame my bird brain for that, probably confused about the situation. So, I did the only thing that seemed natural and that both my brain and the emu brain agreed with, I ran as far as my giant chicken legs could carry me. Apparently, emu’s can run really really fast.
I was able to transform back a few hours later and began the job of figuring out WTF was going on. Upon further investigation, I find out that my mother had not told me a fairly critical piece of info about her culture. I had always known she was once a native austrialian, or aboriginal as described by ignorant people who needed one word to describe a whole swath of people. What she hadnt mentioned was the fact that she was technially the child of a powerful shaman. Since I was related, I apparently gained some of his abilities. Apparently the universe decided instead of giving me levitation or the ability to go into the dream time, i turn into a goddamn emu. Could be worse though. I could be have been a platypus.

Nathaniel Turner

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