Crazy City Shaman


Template: Sorcerer
High Concept: City Shaman
Trouble: Sanity Optional

Origin aspect: “Street is father, Street is mother”.
As far as Mitchel can remember, fragmented as it is, the streets of NYC has been his home growing up. Anything before that had been lost in the depth of his madness.

What shaped you aspect: “Do what you have to”
Before the events that shaped his mental state, Mitchel wasn’t above petty theft or worse to get by. A kid has gotta eat.

First Adventure: “Broken by the abyss”
Waking up in a strange maze, Mitchell along with Alec Wintrope and five others find they are part of a Red Court Vampire’s game. With collars rigged to kill anyone who deactivates them, this group of apprentices must try to escape this demented amusement before their own magic triggers their demise. In a attempt to try to escape from from the demented maze, Mitchell used his sight and saw something that would shatter his sanity.

Guest star Aspect: “Friend in high places” (Alec Wintrope).

Location: He currently mainly resides in central park when not getting food in the odd homeless shelter. Although technically Irish monster territory, its still part of NYC so his powers still have a hold there. He and the monsters have a mutual understanding. They don’t bother him and he doesn’t go insane (well more insane) and take out himself and everyone around him in a frenetic explosion of chaotic magical energy. Its worked out well so far. Sometimes, Donald Macleod gives him gum. Its peppermint.


WHO TOOK MY PANTS!! I know you did. Your working for them aren’t you. I seem them, in the dark. In the light, in the streets, in my mind. There always there. I remember when I discovered the truth. The red court were there. They took some of us and put us in neck braces that went boom. They thought they were puppet masters but really, they were puppets. I saw the truth when I was trying to escape. I saw with eyes that could see beyond to look for a way out. I saw it. I saw the darkness. Its strings were in the red’s. It saw me looking and it smiled. It smiled…it smiled….. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PANTS!!! You took them didn’t you, your working for them aren’t you…….


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