Phoebe Xarakos

What Would Buffy - no. Save the Cheerleader, Save the - no. Screw this.


Template: Emissary of Power (Artemis)
High Concept: Artemis’ Cheerleader
Trouble: Last of the Amazons
Other Aspects: Night Owl, Like a Virgin, Distrusts Men, One Woman Humane Society

Powers: Superhuman strength and agility. Artemis’ Hunting Dog (imbue a dog with the spirit of Artemis to turn it into a lean, mean fighting machine).


The daughter of Greek immigrants, Phoebe was born in the US and was pushed to be as American as possible. Hence the cheerleading (and a high school flirtation with blonde hair that turned out horribly). Phoebe is all about girl power, and with good reason – it turns out she is one of the last female descendents of the ancient Amazons.

While visiting her grandparents in Greece to “get in touch with her roots” (and party. The trip was over Spring Break, after all), Phoebe hooked up with a guy for a bit of fun. Unfortunately, their ideas of “fun” didn’t match, and the guy didn’t understand “no” in any language and raped Phoebe. In the middle of the attack, a woman appeared to Phoebe, offering her unimaginable power and strength to end this attack and ensure it never happened again. Panicked and afraid, Phoebe didn’t question what was happening and quickly agreed without even asking what she had to do to earn such a bargain.

Phoebe is now bound to the goddess Artemis and serve as her emissary in the mortal realm. Despite her great power, Phoebe still has an inherent distrust of men and will do everything she can to not be alone with a strange man, even though rationally she knows no mortal man will be able to hurt her again. In addition to having to do whatever is Artemis’ bidding, Phoebe is also commanded to remain a virgin as Artemis and her priestesses were – that is, abstaining from loving and committed relationships. Should Phoebe fall in love and consummate the relationship, her lover will die. Maybe not immediately, but sooner (and probably more horribly) than he would have had he and Phoebe not become involved.

Phoebe Xarakos

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