Random thoughts/ideas/pictures/links to funny pictures of kittens? Toss it all in here and let the wiki sort it out. -D.

10/31/10 Ok, added central park location in the City Creation Section. I have one more idea brewing in the brain that I need to think over. If you have any problems with the location or it conflicts with what your planning give me a call and well work it out. – Arvandus

11/2/10 – Added my opinion on campaign setting and also started work on my character. If he doesn’t work out, we can try another. I just wanted to take a crack at the aspects.

11/4/10 – Added the skeleton for my character. There’s a number of details that are missing, but the basics are there and I’d definitely love some feedback/suggestions. -Angela

11/7/10 – Wrote up some on the Psi Beta Rho sorority house. Found some gods to associate with it and added an option for a ghost story. Also gave Phoebe a potential trouble. -Angela

11/8/10 – Wrote up some on Wintrope Technologies. Also re-tuned Alec’s trouble and an aspect. – William

11/8/10 – Wrote up Character bio for Mitchell. Now just need to find a nice picture. Will work on city creation next.

11/15/10 – Wrote up Character bio for Balder. Could use some feedback/suggestions. -James

11/15/10 – Started the Bio for Valhalla Bar. -James

11/17/10 – added a location for Mitchell in his profile and added Donald McLeod as a NPC on the character page.


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