Sorority House

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- Psi Beta Rho! (PBR. We’re a hipster sorority)
- Tied to the Greek Pantheon somehow

  • Aphrodite? (Goddess of sexuality, flirting, etc. Good for a “party” sorority. Also pretty much the exact opposite of Artemis)
  • Nymphs? (Always depicted as young women, also associated with uncontrolled sexuality)

-Sorority house was built on the site of an early 20th century factory where hundreds of young women died in a fire (think Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, but since that building is actually still standing and being used as science building for NYU, it’s unavailable). The house is now haunted by the restless spirits of the dead women.

The NYU chapter of Psi Beta Rho was established at the height of the feminist movement in 1975, dedicated to preserving the history of sisterhood and giving back to the community through their stringent service requirements. In the intervening 35 years, PBR’s good name has been sullied somewhat by reports of excessive partying, but the service requirements still stand. In order to remain a member in good standing, and thus get invited to the best parties on campus, a sister must commit to 100 volunteer hours per semester.

The site of the sorority house was chosen in reference to the sorority’s other principle – preserving women’s history. In the early 20th century, the address belonged to a clothing factory staffed predominantly by young women immigrants working under poor safety conditions. When a fire broke out in the building, a lack of fire escapes contributed to the deaths of hundreds of young women. When the sorority was establishing itself, the site had been sitting empty for a few years, and few people even remembered the tragedy that had once occurred at the sight. By making this the site of the sorority house, the original PBR sisters set out to preserve a tragic part of women’s history. Today, that preservation mostly manifests as creepy ghost stories that are told to pledges before they have to spend an hour alone in the dark basement in order to prove themselves worthy of joining the sisterhood. Few of the women actually believe the ghost stories, but sometimes in the middle of a quiet night there will be noises that can’t be explained by the other girls, or doors will slam and pictures fall off the walls of empty rooms…

The Face: Elaina Mitchell
High Concept: Corrupt President
Motivation: Desperate to be popular and “cool,” will ignore the sorority’s founding principles if she thinks it will help her keep her position as president of the sorority
Relationships: Phoebe Xarakos (Phoebe was her “little sister” when she pledged to the sorority three years ago. The pair have stuck together since then)
Steve Wilmes (Step-father, married Elaina’s mother during her senior year of high school so they prefer to avoid each other as much as possible)

Sorority House

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