Wintrope Technologies

- Building in the Financial District
- R&D goes on underneath the building
- Open communication with the Venatori Umbrorum. While each possess their own secrets, they have an open line that allows for either group to contact the other if they need to talk.


Wintrope Technologies first came into fruition in the garage of Gloria and William Wintrope. Both lacking the resources to afford a proper lab or even an office, the two recent college graduates worked hard to create the thing that started it all- A computer chip.

While the first chip they created wasn’t anything new, it was cheap to manufacture and sell which allowed them to earn enough to buy more advanced equipment and an adequate setting for them to work. And, with hard work and determination, the true marvel of Wintrope Technology was born- the X10 Microchip. It was the smallest of its kind, the fastest, and the most reliable.

From there, Wintrope began branching out, Gloria and William hiring scientists from different fields of study to create technologies that were barely on the sketch books. Inventions that weren’t considered possible yet were given time and resources to become a reality… and while not all were successful, a few skyrocketed Wintrope to the top of the food chain in the competitive market.

While this was certain a time for profit, it wasn’t the best time for morality of the corporation. With their aggressive business practices, Wintrope was able to make hand over fist of money at the cost of consuming smaller businesses. Allegations of mob ties were even present in the early nineties (Though never proven). Their was even a public outcry when it was revealed that an experimental biological weapon, Q12, was created by Wintrope Technologies for use in the Gulf War (created but never used). After the last story began making its way through the media circuit, the Wintrope decided it would be best to wait the summer out in France.

It was on their flight over the Atlantic that tragedy struck. The Wintrope’s plane experienced a complete electronic failure before crashing into the ocean. The only survivor was Gloria and William’s son, Alec.

With Alec too young to handle the corporation, the Board took over Wintrope Technologies.

During the turn of the century, the Board has cultivated itself to specialize in a number of things, ranging from military technologies to green energy. With the help of a new PR team, they’ve even created a ‘cleaner’ image for themselves. The corporation has sponsored several charity that ‘gives back’ to the world.

While Alec Wintrope still holds the majority of the shares of the business, he allows the Board to run the company as they see fit as long as they allow him his ‘oddities’. First, they have allowed Alec to have his own R&D Lab under the building in New York City. Here, they’ve allowed him to research Historical Technology. While it is a ‘money sink’ (Money going into research, nothing coming out of it), the Board have learned as long as they allow Alec to ‘play with his toys’, he lets them run the business as they see fit.

However… One thing that has caused the Board to become curious is the recent demand from Alec. He’s asked for all research on the biological weapon, Q12, to be moved to a lab further under his own. Alec claims it is to “Bury this dark legacy”. In order to get this ‘favor’ from the Board, Alec gave away eight percent of his sixty to the Chairman of the Board.

Historical Technology

Alec began his research in alternative technologies at the age of eighteen and, until recently, focused most of his time there. From steam powered engines to propeller planes, Alec has salvaged and rebuilt many old technologies. He’s tinkered with them, exploring avenues in advancements that have yet to be explored.

More interestingly enough, Alec’s true ‘brain child’ is the ‘Reciever’. He’s been working on a magic beacon of sorts. While he’s convinced that their must be a bridge between technology and magic, he knows that it will take years to lay the foundation. So, what Alec is trying to do is create something that will summon the energy of magic towards it, thus not allowing the magical energies to effect the technology around it. Needless to say… it still has a few bugs in it.

‘The Vault’

Alec is building a biological weapon.

Alec’s experience with the Red Court Vampires has left him with a hatred towards the entire species. By spending quite the fortune, Alec was able to secure two very valuable things in order to rid the world of the Red Court. The first being Doctor Dennis Leek- The original creator of the biological weapon, Q12. Leek is a genius at his work and, with the help of Alec, has been exposed to the ‘magical world’. With Leek’s genius, Alec plans on him continuing his research in biological warfare.

The second thing Alec was able to secure was Lucy.

Oh, Alec is sure Lucy isn’t her real name. Honestly, he doesn’t care what her name is. What she is, however, is a captured Red Court vampire. Using a combination of old fashion, technological, and magical cages, Alec has kept her isolated and barely fed. Lucy’s been cut opened, injected with a number of chemicals, and been treated like the monster she is. At this point, she has two wishes on her mind. Either break free and kill Alec and Leek or have them finally create a chemical that kills her.

The Face: Steven Wilmes
High Concept: ‘Souls for Profit’ Chairman of the Board
Motivation: Steven Wilmes likes to claim that it was his leadership that brought Wintrope Technology out of the brink of financial ruin. While some think this is a bit of an exaggeration, no one can ignore that profit has poured in under his leadership.
Relationships: Alec Wintrope (“A spoiled brat that can be blinded with his toys so the grown ups can handle the true meaning of business.”)
Elaine Mitchell (Phoebe’s ‘Big Sister’ (See Sorority House) “A daughter from my wife’s first marriage. As long as she doesn’t cause too much harm, she’s acceptable.”)

The Face: Doctor Dennis Leek
High Concept: Doctor Frankenstien in the 21st Century
Template: They ruined his career when they needed a scape goat after he created what they wanted. For years, he was made to live as a dreg of society until Alec found him. Alec opened his eyes to a new realm of possibility. Alec pays him plenty. Alec gives him anything he asks. All he has to do is make Alec his weapon while he works on his own.
Relationship: Alec Wintrope (“The boy gave me an opportunity to show the world the greatest scientific discovery of all.”
Steve Wilmes (“When I finally get a drop of his blood, I’ll make sure his entire family line is wiped from the Earth.”)

Wintrope Technologies

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